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Gaming has evolved over the years since the introduction of arcade games. In the past, simpler games can easily satisfy a kid’s interests. In today’s gaming world, kids will get to enjoy playing games using Virtual Reality. In fact, they are more engaged with 3D games. The gaming industry has definitely advanced rapidly. At KidsCode, we would like to introduce your kids to the Unity gaming engine. In fact, Unity has often been referred to as the best video game engine. Some of the popular games made from Unity are:

  • Temple Run Trilogy is a set of three games made for mobile platforms iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, where the player basically does only one thing – runs away from things.
  • Shadowrun Chronicles is a popular 3D online action game developed in Unity

Over at Kidscode, we do understand that game addiction is a social problem. Thus, instead of getting the kids to be mere users of the games, we strive to get them to take ownership of the technology. We will get them to think creatively to build a game from scratch. We will constantly advocate “RESPONISIBLE” playing.


  • Experience with coding is preferred
Unity interface
The most basic of Unity challenges to get you started in coding – how to make a spinning cube.

How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • We will help them discover some basic Unity elements
  • We will guide them to edit an existing Unity game by replacing with their own animations, sprites, and objects
  • We will sit down with them and think about a theme such as a plot and setting before they start working
  • We will guide them through working on a Space Shooting game
  • Things that we will get them doing:

– Create a foreground, midground, background

– A title screen

– A game over screen

– A spaceship

– Score

– Some objects

– Some aliens

Some examples of games created using Unity game engine:

Key Takeaways

  • Bring home their very own self-designed game at the end of the course
  • They will be given links to online resources to learn more about 3D modeling design and programming

What’s next?

We suggest taking up App Creation for both iOS and Android, another mobile app development course.