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  • Who’s Not Mobile Ready?

    It is already trending that everyone is seeking information via mobile. Thus, it is essential for every business to be mobile ready in addition to having a website. It…

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  • Scratch with Makey Makey

    Your kids will learn Scratch programming with our recommended interactive kit – Makey Makey. They can learn to integrate their Scratch programming together with the kit to perform many…

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  • Scratch Basics 101

    Children will embark on an enriching learning journey to learn programming from ground zero and carry out exciting tasks and experience hands–on challenges.

    We have designed the course to be…

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  • Python Basics 101

    This course is a fantastic starting point for learning the Coding language, Python. It has simple easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer…

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  • Minecraft Essentials!

    Hidden behind the fun facade of Minecraft is a secret modification that allows a user to go deep in the realms of the black screens to enable magical things…

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  • micro:bit

    Your kids will learn how to create a real-life project using the micro:bit controller. They can learn to integrate their programming together with the kit to perform many exciting…

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  • Manage Your Robots!

    Your kids will embark on an enriching learning journey to assemble and program the robots which are equipped with powerful sensors. Your kids will be the masters of the…

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  • Fun Automation with Green Fingers

    No, we are not talking about fingers minting greenbacks. We are challenging your kids to automate gardening with Internet of Things. Let’s get the plant to drink water on…

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  • Exploring Game Design with Kodu

    Exploring Game Design with Kodu will introduce kids to a different style of programming – icon-based coding blocks. The Kodu environment is designed specifically for game development in 3D and…

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  • Create Your Very Own 3D Game!

    Almost every kid plays Clash Royale. Building up their own clans and challenging one another gives amassed joy and fun. Why don’t we give the kids an opportunity to…

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  • Create Your Own MarketPlace!

    All beginner wannabe web developers do get ready to dig into the world of web development! Let your kids make beautiful and functional website with the magic of HTML…

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  • Create Your Own (Adventure) Game!

    Kids are always fascinated with computer and mobile games. Instead of playing games created by others, why not get them to create their very own games? We are introducing…

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  • App Creation for Both iOS and Android

    Create your App easily with LiveCode! LiveCode is a multi-platform development environment which empowers you to create apps that run on every major device and platform —- iOS and…

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  • Adventures in Scratch Programming with Makey Makey Workshop

    Promotional Price

    This multimedia adventure is the perfect course for aspiring coders. Your kids will create animated stories and games while learning programming concepts with Scratch. With this…

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