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LiveCode is an easy, English-like, object-oriented, event-driven programming language. Despite its simplicity, it is a powerful, full featured language with over 2,000 commands and behaviors. By learning one language you will be able to develop apps for all the major operating systems and devices in the market, hence the motto “one language to rule them all”.


  • Some fundamental programming knowledge

How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • We will introduce LiveCode and its functions
  • We will show a sample of Mobile app developed by LiveCode
  • We will breakdown the Mobile app so that the kids can understand how it is done
  • We guide your child through step-by-step exercises for their first mobile app

– My Hobby or
– My School

  • We get them to rebuild this project or do a slight variation of it
  • We then leave them to build a simple new project from scratch
  • We get them to work on this new project without any guidance
  • We repeat the process to instil confidence and familiarity

This recursive training method helps to instill the basics of coding; the sense of adventure and the confidence to explore new ways to code even after the course has been completed!

Key Takeaways

  • Your very own mobile app
  • As LiveCode is an open source application, you can continue on to enhance your mobile app back at home
  • Ability to develope apps that can be adapted to any screen size with one command

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