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Construct 2

No prior space travel experience is required.

Children participate in activities using coding skills via the program CONSTRUCT 2. They will learn the basics of CONSTRUCT 2, as well as understand beginner logic such as Global Variables, Local Variables, and Instance Variables. All this works on improving critical thinking skills in the construction of their unique 2D games. Instead of becoming passive gamers, children now have valuable insight into developing games without writing a line of code.

This course will provide children with opportunities to develop:
– Computational thinking skills such as solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behavior by drawing on concepts basic to computer
– proficiencies in recognizing solutions while fixing problems
– generalize lessons learned for future applications beyond the classroom

Construct 2 is a powerful, intuitive, full-featured and professional game development software.

Some examples of games created by Construct 2:

How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • They will look at some basic Construct 2 elements
  • They will edit an existing Construct 2 game by replacing with their own animations, sprite, and objects
  • They will sit down and think about a theme such as a plot and setting before they start working
  • Then we will be working on their first game
  • Things that they will be doing:

– Create a foreground, midground, background

– A title screen

– A game over screen

– A character

– Score

– Some new ghosts