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Over at KidsCode, we would want to introduce the concept of Internet of Things in a fun and simple way. We have seen how internet has transformed the way education and businesses are conducted. It is highly probable that Internet will continue to play an important role in our daily lives. Thus, we strive to equip your kids with the latest 21st century competencies in this digitally networked world.

During the lesson, your kids will be using a series of microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, to allow gardening to be done in a much more efficient way. Learning is definitely easier with hands on practice on the equipment.

After the completion of the gardening project, we will get the kids to reflect, to think creatively and innovatively on how to improve the gardening project. The kids are supposed to think out of the box and self-direct their own learning.


  • Some fundamental programming knowledge


How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • We guide your child to identify the sensors and labels
  • We guide your child to do a step-by-step process for connecting different sensors
  • We teach them how to work with the hardware board
  • We teach them basic programming concepts that linked to the project
  • We teach them to code to retrieve information such as

– temperature

– humidity

  • We will teach kids to create a simple app to record the temperature and humidity
  • We will discuss the possibilities of enhancing the projects through the use of other sensors

This training method helps to enhance one’s experience with coding, the sense of adventure and the confidence to explore new ways to code even after the course has been completed!

Key Takeaways

  • Bring home your very first All-in-One, fully packaged IoT kit to automate your gardening at home
  • Ability to develop a simple app using LiveCode
  • Basic understanding of Internet of Things (Software-Hardware-Cloud)
  • Ability to assemble an auto-watering gardening kit

What’s next?

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