Crowtail- TF Mini LiDAR


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Crowtail- TF Mini LiDAR

This is a Crowtail- TF Mini LiDAR sensor, which is based on Time of Flight. The range of its measuring distance is 0.3-12m. with its mini size, only 42 x 15 x 16mm, so you can integrate LiDAR into applications traditionally reserved for smaller sensors. The TF Mini LiDAR module is mainly capable of the function of real-time and contactless distance measurement and is featured by accurate, stable and high-speed distance measurement.
It can be used on drone altitude holding and terrain following, machine control and safety sensor, robot distance detection and so on.


  • Operating range: 0.3-12m
  • Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity: 5m
  • Average power consumption: 0.6w
  • Application voltage range: 4.5-6v
  • Acceptance angle: 2.3°
  • Minimum resolution ratio: 1cm
  • Frequency: 100Hz
  • Accuracy: 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6-12m)
  • Distance detection unit: cm
  • Laser wavelength: 850nm
  • Operating temperature: -20-60℃
  • Light sensitivity: 70000lux
  • Communication interface: UART
  • Laser safety class: FDA Class I
  • LED peak current: 800mA
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): EN 55032 Class B

Package list

  • Crowtail- TF Mini LiDAR x 1

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