Chief Change Maker

Kevin started his career as a trainer stationed in MOE registered schools and has more than 20 years of experience in conducting Infocomm Training at both the school and district level. Today, he is our Chief Disruptor, invoking new technology ideas among our trainers to share with schools and at KidsCode. He has personally felt that something is lacking when looking at coding courses in the public sphere.

“Many courses that you can find in the public sphere are one-dimensional. They teach kids only one single aspect of information technology. At KidsCode, we will be introducing LiveCode, a universal coding language that helps to develop versatility. Our students will learn how to apply their coding knowledge across multiple platforms.”

Kevin is also a parent himself and he believes that kids are able to learn anything and everything at a faster pace in today’s world. As he does not want to deny kids of new learning opportunities, he is motivated to introduce training that can stimulate creativity & thinking among the young.

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