Curriculum Buddy

Bernard played an active role in Singapore’s public teaching system for more than 15 years before joining KidsCode as our appointed curriculum advisor. He comes with a multitude of experience in developing engaging and interactive activities for students and is always looking into different and exciting ways to craft lessons that are inspiring for kids.

“As a former MOE education officer and ex-Head of Department, my experience in planning learning activities that are fun, interesting and engaging comes in useful at KidsCode. I am devoted in ensuring that our students are constantly engaged and able to execute the learning outcomes in their work for their future”

Bernard’s previous experience in our local schools has given him an added advantage in designing courses that are in-line with the learning flow that kids are accustomed to, yet also challenging them to push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity. Bernard believes that we will need to equip our students with more than they set out to be before taking a course.

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