MIT App Inventor 2


It is already trending that everyone is seeking information via mobile. Thus, it is essential for every business to be mobile ready in addition to having a website. It is relatively important for one to learn creation of a mobile app to be future ready.

Your kids have never coded but will want to learn how to build apps? At KidsCode, we have developed this course on creating apps for beginners of all ages with the use of MIT App Inventor 2.

We have designed the course to be 8 hour course; to be conducted over a 1 day duration

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MIT App Inventor 2

Children, have, at their fingertips, a load of resources to develop a mobile app of their choice. All it takes is their creativity and imagination. No prior experience is required.

Children will be exposed to mobile app design processes as well as programming fundamentals. Using these skills, children make the best use of their design talents and critical thinking skills to comprehend key features an App. In turn, they learn to independently build their own creation. Along the way, they will be challenged to make changes in their designs through trial and error in an effort to achieve the best results. Couched in the thematic challenged of space travel for contextual purposes, this course will:

– develop problem-solving efficacy
– provide opportunities to become familiar and confident in mobile app creations
– enable problem-solving skills embedded within a specific and meaningful context (that of space travel)

MIT App Inventor 2 was originally constructed as a programming language and is sponsored by Google as an open-source web application. Accredited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it provides abundant resources for children to learn computer programming and create software applications for the Android operating system.

This recursive training method helps to instill the basics of coding, the sense of adventure and the confidence to explore new ways to code even after the course has been completed!

Some examples of how skills learned in our course can be used and applied:

How do we at KidsCode impart our knowledge to your child?

  • We will introduce MIT App Inventor 2 and its function
  • We will show a sample of Mobile App developed by MIT App Inventor 2
  • We will break down the functions of the app so that Kids can understand how it is done
  • We guide your child through step-by-step exercises for their first project
  • We get them to rebuild this project or do a slight variation of it
  • We then leave them to build a simple new project from scratch
  • We get them to work on this new project without any guidance
  • We repeat the process to instill confidence and familiarity

For Your Information

Our course center is located at #03-03, 51 Cuppage Road (Behind Centrepoint)

  • App Gallery to showcase your work
  • Snacks and lunch provided for full day courses
  • Laptops are provided
  • Computer Labs are located in the central areas
  • Bring along your creative mindset and energy!
  • And also your own jacket in case it gets chilly!


Please note:

  • Our courses will only proceed with a minimum of 4 seats sold. We will inform you in advance by writing if the minimum is unfilled and the course is cancelled. Refunds will be made accordingly to you. Unless otherwise notified, the course will go ahead as scheduled.
  • Any other refunds will only be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • There may be filming & photography done during our workshop/classes. By registering your child’s attendance at this event, parents/guardians grant a perpetual licence to use the student’s work, photographs/videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicizing or promoting the workshops/events and/or the students’ accomplishments on our website or on our partners’ websites.

Why Us?

Best Trainer-Student Ratio in SINGAPORE

1 Trainer to a max of 8 students for every class to ensure maximum attention is given to each student. As experienced educators, we know that lesson time shouldn’t be spent on waiting too long for a teacher to give one-on-one attention in a huge class.

Your Child’s Security is our UTMOST PRIORITY

CCTVs installed  in all classrooms and along the corridors to ensure your child’s safety.

Proper precautions will be taken for your child and we ensure that pick-up and drop-off is only performed by a registered guardian

Toilets just outside our premises which ensures your child will never be out of sight for more than 2 minutes.

All Equipment Provided

Don’t burden your kids with additional loads. There’s no need for any notebooks or tablets. All your child needs to bring is his/her inquisitive mind and a yearn to learn.

Central Location – Orchard Road

Well-connected by public transport, getting to us is never going to be an issue.  From Ion Orchard to Plaza Singapura…Parents can relax and shop…  while your kids are well taken care of @ KIDSCODE.

Value for Money Learning and Training

Contrary to what people think, enrichment for kids doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Our courses are priced not more than the hourly market rate. (PS: check out the price at other providers and divide out over the duration in hours)

NO HIDDEN charges, only PLEASANT surprises.

Maximum of 2 days for Courses during the HOLIDAY PERIOD

Our holiday courses are conducted for 1 or 2 day durations for 2 reasons.

First, this saves travelling time for both parents and children; Not to mention cost. Why spend ERP, carpark and petrol charges over 4-5 days? The math just ain’t right…

Second, spreading the course over too many days will dilute the effectiveness of the lesson and reduces retention. Time is wasted in every lesson when there is a need to recapitulate the previous lesson.